Timeline of Ola's detention

Timeline of Ola's detention

This is the timeline of the events surrounding Ola Bini's detention.

April 10 – 8.39:

Ola publicly announces over twitter that he is traveling to Japan.

April 11 – 7.28:

The Ecuadorian Interior Minister, María Paula Romo, gives a press conference in which she states that two Russian hackers live in Ecuador and a member of Wikileaks. She says that she will give that information to the Prosecution. Hours prior to his arrest, the Interior Minister of Ecuador Maria Paula Romo declared that the government was about to apprehend individuals who are supposedly involved in trying to establish a piracy center in Ecuador, including two Russian hackers, a Wikileaks collaborator and a person close to Julian Assange. She stated: “We are not going to allow Ecuador to become a hacking center, and we cannot allow illegal activities to take place in the country, either to harm Ecuadorian citizens or those from other countries or any government.” However, neither she nor any investigative authority has provided any proof to back these claims.

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April 11 – 10:07:

Ola tweets about the declarations made by the Interior Minister. The tweets can be found here and here.

April 11 – 15.30:

Ola is detained at the 'Mariscal Sucre International Airport' in Quito, Ecuador, and is placed in an area for non-admitted persons. They say that he was being held under a temporary movement restriction order. He was in the queue to board the airplane when his detention happened. He is shown a restriction order that had another person's name first, and then another with another nationality (Swiss). He is held at the airport with no access to his lawyers, with no translation to his mother tongue, and, at no point, was he informed of the charges. They constantly try to make him sign a statement. This detention order is claimed to be justified by Article 444.8 of the Comprehensive Criminal Code, which states:

"it is the duty of the prosecutor 'to prevent, for a time not exceeding eight hours, that the persons whose information is necessary, are held absent from the place'".

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April 12 – 22:04:

A detention order for Ola is issued.

April 12 – 0.00 (aprox.):

Ola’s house is raided. Ola is taken to an unknown abandoned building (it is speculated that it is the police building on Juan León Mera Street, on the corner of Robles Street. He was not given a place to sleep, and spent the night there).

April 12 – 8.00:

Ola is moved to Flagrancia de la Función Judicial building.

April 12 – 11:14:

The twitter account of 'Policia Nacional del Ecuador' publishes a tweet saying "through the use of digital platforms of social networks, the subjetc transmitted information of social connotation (disclosure of information) through websites, among the most prominent, Wikileaks. The subject, used false profiles", it was accompanied by a photo of books and devices that had been confiscated from Ola's home and himself. This tweet was later deleted.

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April 12 – 15:16:

Ola is finally able to speak to his lawyers.

April 12 – unknown:

Defense lawyers go to Ola's house to find it being raided. When asked if they have a warrant order, they seem confused. See here.

April 12 – 22:02:

The hearing begins. The Prosecution presented as evidence, a purported call to 1800-DELITO, whereby an individual with the alias "Marcos", allegedly indicated that Bini, "of Russian nationality, has links with Julian Assange".

The defense argued the irregularities of the case: no explanation was given in his mother tongue; he had been detained for more than 30 hours without a hearing when the law clearly states that this has to be done with a 24 hour period.

The Prosecutor's Office presented a report on how Bini's arrest had transparent. Attached, was the document of the reading of constitutional rights in English and Spanish; the email to the Consulate of Sweden in Quito, informing Consul Ola Ernberg of the arrest; the order of the Judge wherein the arrest is ordered, and a report of the Judicial Function, in which it is confirmed that there are no experts in the Swedish language. The Diplomat and translator, Dagmar Elnaes was present at the hearing.

April 12 – 23:08:

The official account of the Minister of the Interior published this tweet: "We have information that @wikileaks would have intervened in domestic politics, and today he was arrested, for investigative purposes, a close associate of Julian Assange, who has been living in Ecuador and was about to travel to Japan". This was said by the Interior Minister, María Paula Romo, to CNN. Find it here.

April 13 – 1:50:

The presiding Judge of the Unidad de Garantías Penales, Rodolfo Navarrete, dictated the beginning of the fiscal instruction for ninety days against Ola for the crime of 'attacking the integrity of computer systems', and imposed two precautionary measures as requested by Prosecutor, Fabián Chávez: prison and the freezing of bank accounts that are in Ola's name.

April 13 – unknown:

Ecuador's former Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, says that he “does not remember if he knows Ola”. Find it here.

April 16 – morning:

A press conference was held in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, about Ola's case. At the press conference, in addition to Bini’s lawyer, Dr. Carlos Soria, his parents, Dag Gustafsson (father) and Görel Bini (mother) participated after having traveled from Europe to “bring their son home”. At the press conference, they highlighted the procedural irregularities of the case and the violation of his human rights. Carlos Soria, said that there were several “irregularities in the arrest of Ola Bini”. It was only on Monday, April 15, that it became public that he is being accused of “alleged participation in the crime of assault on the integrity of computer systems” by the Attorney General of Ecuador. They also highlighted that the Ecuadorian state was violating his “right to freedom of expression, the right to ideology, the right to legal guarantees”.

Voices all over the world started to demand the immediate release of Ola.

Ola's parents also reported that Ola had received several threats in prison. Read more here.

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April 16 – all day:

Over 65 organizations worldwide sign an open letter in support of Ola. Find it here.

April 17 – all day:

Ola's first letter from prison is published. Read it here.

Read Glenn Greenwald's tweet about Ola's letter here.

April 22 – all day:

The Minister of the Interior, María Paula Romo, said that it is necessary to investigate why Ola Bini paid USD $230,000 during a four year time period, for Internet services. Romo assured that the Prosecutor's Office must undertake the respective investigations to determine whether or not there are indications in this matter. "Let's investigate what the activity is, in which someone can be involved in, to warrant that kind of capacity. What it shows us is, that when a quarter of a million dollars was paid, for over four years for Internet, that it probably required a large access for download capacity. The question is, --for what reasons, with what objectives", Romo said."

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April 22 - all day:

The Criminal chamber of the Provincial Court, is convened for May 2nd to the oral hearing , public and contradictory, referring to the order of preventative detention challenged by the defendant Ola Bini, through the filing of appeal. Read about it here.